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The advantages of using a coating consultant

8 March 2014|Captains, Management Companies, New Build|

In a world of more and more technologically advanced paint products and increasingly skilled contractors, it is perhaps surprising how many boats are still leaving the paint shed with a substandard paint job. Painting a yacht can be a tricky business and failing to organise proper consultancy can lead to serious headaches and even major paint disasters. This is why [...]

Wavescan technology explained

15 July 2013|Captains, Management Companies, New Build, Paint Facts, Refit, Yards|

Once upon a time, a substandard paint job was difficult to prove. However, there’s now a way for the yachting industry to objectively measure (and ultimately control) surface texture; a major contributor to how a painted surface is perceived. Here, Joop Ellenbroek explains why now is the time to turn to wavescan technology for the perfect finish. What is wavescan [...]

The superyacht paint manual

25 September 2012|Captains, Management Companies, New Build, Refit|

One of the first things people notice about a super yacht is the paint job. Whether it’s the owner, a fellow yachtsman or the admirers on the dock, people always look at the paint work in detail. And for good reason: a shiny, white finish makes the yacht look her very best. The topcoat appearance and fairness also play a [...]

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