Peace of mind – from start to finish


Peace of mind during the new build paint process

A perfect paint job starts with the assistance of a CCS Coating Consultant.  From start to finish, from design to delivery of the yacht, CCS is your partner in checking all document and processes. We carry out regular inspections during the newbuild period, setting a foundation for paint application success.

An expert pair of eyes during your new build

Enjoy the benefits of an expert pair of eyes! We patrol the scaffolding, checking up on the paint progress, performing measurements and make sure that the coating products are being applied according to the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. If necessary, we provide corrective instructions on the spot. After every inspection, we write a comprehensive report for your use.

  1.  The design stage

    CCS can analyze the building plans before the actual new build starts. Your advantage is that potential paint issues, caused by the yacht’s unique design, can be dealt with in advance.

  2. The planning stages

    Documentation: A succesfull paint job starts by preparing all the right documentation. CCS is the expert in writing a Paint Manual, a Paint Specification and Acceptance criteria. All three documents are a MUST if you want your paint job is done the best way possible.

    Kick off meeting: It is very important to have a kick off meeting done, before the actual new build starts to have all noses in the same direction with the yard, captain and subcontractors. CCS can organise the kick off meeting for you.

  3. Paint application starts – Intermediate Inspections

    During the new build, the CCS Coating Consultant inspects the progress regularly. After every inspection, you will receive a report with the status, recommendations, photos and the remedial actions which need to be taken. The  inspections are for example on: blasting, sanding, primer, fairing, pull-off test, topcoat and tank inspections.

  4. Delivery – Final Survey

    After completion of all paint works, CCS executes a Final Survey. Have all the acceptance criteria been met? By measuring DOI, Gloss, DFT and Orange Peel, an objective Final survey report can be written that fully documents the technical and cosmetic properties of the paint system. With the assistance of CCS you can be assured of the protective and aesthetic qualities of the yacht’s coating system.
  5. Before Warranty Expires

    Before the Warranty of the paint system expires (mostly after 11 or 24 months after delivery of the yacht) it is highly recommended to execute a Warranty Survey by CCS. The yacht is checked on excessive paint deterioration using the objective measurement values obtained during the Final Survey. If problems are found, than these can be repaired/rectified still under warranty.
    Inspections during all phases of the new build process