CCS offers a truly bespoke consultancy service to the superyacht community: from the preparation stages all the way to delivery and into the warranty period.

From design stage to delivery

We can begin our work as early as the design stages, by intercepting potential paint issues caused by the yacht’s unique design features. This is followed by the preparation of all documents and contracts, such as the paint specifications and acceptance criteria. As work progresses we are on-hand to complete thorough inspections during the fairing and paint application phases, making sure the coatings are applied according  to the paint manufacturer’s guidelines.

Upon completion of the project we perform a Final Survey, measuring the work against the pre-agreed Acceptance Criteria. This helps you hold the shipyard/contractor accountable if the requirements are not met.

Finally, if required, using our specialist equipment and expert eye, we carry out an inspection at the end of the warranty period to confirm that the paintwork is still satisfactory and has not deteriorated excessively.

Whether you’re starting the process of a newbuild or considering a refit, CCS offers peace of mind with our tailor-made superyacht paint consultancy solutions.


CCS during every stage of the process

Peace of Mind from start to finish