CCS has performed surveys on literally hundreds of the most well-known vessels in the global superyacht fleet. We are the reliable choice for independent and expert surveying services.


Surveys can be carried out by CCS to assess the condition of the exterior fairing/coating system, tank coating paint system, underwater antifouling system and other painted surfaces (including interiors and varnish). With access to the latest inspection methods and technologies we have the means to accurately assess any paint job.

When carrying out a survey?

Surveys can be carried out at any point, whether the yacht is in use (troubleshooting), before the work starts (pre-contract survey) or after the work has concluded (final acceptance survey).

Based on the survey results, CCS can prepare a scope of work, Acceptance Criteria and a Paint Manual for complete or partial repair. To ensure a successful repair and paint application process, intermediate inspections are then recommended.

Different types of surveys

  • Initial Survey

The Initial Survey paint status to determine the scope of work. Is it sufficient to do only a scratch and shoot or a complete/partial refit? The Survey report gives you a good overview with Status, Recommendations and Photos.

When? Carry out an Intial Survey before contracting at any yard for a refit.

  • Tender SurveyTender Survey Report

This is a far more comprensive survey than the Initial Survey with measurements on m2 paint/corrosion/sealants to be renewd, ‘like for like quotes’ and a unique type of working procedure. Read more

When? Carry out a Tender Survey before contracting at any yard for a refit.

  • Final Survey

During the Final Survey the paint system will be checked visually and measured thoroughly by using the Wave Scan. The Survey Report is a comprehensive report, consisting of an explanation of vessel details, survey conditions, paint system, inspection methods and photos. All measurements carried out are in the report with a conclusion whether all delivered coating works are in accordance with the Acceptance criteria.

When? Carry out a Final Survey at the end of a Refit or New Build process.

  • Warranty Survey

The Warranty Survey is intended to compare the current paint system with the status of the Final Survey and to conclude if there is an acceptable decline of gloss, DOI, colour etc.

When? Carry out a Warranty Survey at 11 and 22 months to check the performance of the paint system.

  • Tank Coating Surveytankcoatingissues

Tank coatings in superyachts are often a “forgotten subject” in our industry. Although some shipyards have significantly increased their attention to tank linings since then, we still regularly encounter tanks with serious coating problems, even after relatively short periods in service. Read more

When? Carry out a Tank Coating Survey just after blasting of the tanks and again after painting during New Build and Refit.