Refits require a significant investment. The paintwork is a major part financially as well as in aesthetic terms. So how come so many paint jobs need to be redone or end up with an overrun on budget and a poor quality level? There has to be a better way…

Why a Tender Survey?

To ensure clarity on the level of work and quality for refit projects.

When a Tender Survey?

A Tender Survey is highly recommended when you think of doing a refit and before all contracts with yards are made.

Is this your goal (bad paintjob), or this (perfect paint job)?

How does a Tender Survey Work?

  1. A CCS surveyor executes the tender survey. All CCS surveyors are Frosio/Nace and RMCI certified (essential in case of disputes).
  2. CCS writes a clear tender document stating the work to be carried out and quality level to be achieved (based on the initial survey), both agreed with the owner. This ensures clear expectations from the start of the process.
  3. The CCS surveyor writes acceptance criteria and quality performance criteria expected after the second, third and subsequent years.
  4. CCS evaluates the tenders to see who offers the agreed quality at the best price.
  5. The CCS surveyor holds a kick-off meeting so all parties have the same objectives before the project starts.
  6. Intermediate surveys monitor whether appropriate steps are being taken during the project’s implementation.
  7. Once completed, a final survey is done to check if the agreed quality levels have been reached.
  8. An optional warranty survey after 11 months checks that all coatings are performing as agreed in the contract.


The Tender Survey easily pays back itself for you can save 20-30% on the total initial budget, getting better quality and a higher end result!

Download our CCS_TenderSurvey_brochure!