In everything we do we strive for perfection, for the highest quality. That’s why we love and understand the world of superyachts. We are Coating Consultants for Superyachts.

CCS offers knowledge, independence and experience in all fields of superyacht coatings to ensure every paint job is done in the best way possible.

Our services

CCS gives you peace of mind from start to finish with every painting issue. Whether it concerns a New BuildRefit project or a single Survey to determine the condition of the fairing and coating application on your yacht. Our customers are captains, management companies and the major yards in the world.

About us

Our surveyors

We owe our position as leading yacht coating experts primarily to the experience and expertise of our highly qualified personnel. Our surveyors are FROSIO and/or NACE and/or RMCI certified. Their know-how spans many coating fields, from yacht building and the offshore industry to marine maintenance and newbuilds. Areas of expertise include project management, contract management, chemicals, new paint application techniques, tank coatings to name a few. They bridge the technical gap between the paint supplier/ paint contractor and the Owners Representative.

Our reports

Our reports consists of a clearly written description of what areas has been inspected, recommendations for re-work and photo’s which gives you directions for further proceedings which helps you, the yard and subcontractors to ensure the best possible results. The aim is to save you time and money and make the coating process as smooth as possible.

Your paint job

The ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients benefit from the right paint job, at the right price, at the right quality level, completed within their required time frame. To find out more about what CCS can offer you, please contact us.