“I felt reassured knowing that I could rely on CCS to give a fair and true analysis of the final finish of the paint job”.

As a captain, we can imagine you have a lot to take care off. The paint of your yacht is maybe not the top on your priority list, but for the owner it is super important. No worries: we are here to help you out!

Why using a paint surveyor?

  • Relief and peace of mind for you as the captain having a specialist overseeing the work to be carried out, which is one of the highest cost / time during a refit or new build. Therefore, you are freed up to look after other (often critical) refit activities
  • The Paint surveyor can advise you on the paint specification, acceptence criteria during the paperwork phase and assess quotes for you.
  • You limit the risk of failures and claims
  • You are able to make a 3rd party insurance contract
  • Ultimately: better chances of a successful repaint

New Build

When do you use a paint surveyor?

Why using CCS?

  • We are Paint consultants since 1992 in a business where experience counts
  • We have 1000+ projects undertaken and consulted on projects up to 180 meters
  • We are involved with approximately 80% of Dutch new build superyachts
  • We have 11 surveyors who are RMCI / NACE / FROSIO certified
  • A paint surveyor is important for credibility in case of dispute and legal actions
  • Our locations are mainly: The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, USA
  •  In case of a New Build the inspection costs are less than 1% of the total contractual value. Therefore we make the difference and protect the interest of you and your owner.
  • In case of a Refit the inspection costs are less than 3% of the total contractual value.

We are sure that the investment will pay back easily and will support you to have a trouble-free refit/newbuild. With the best agreed quality for the best price.