Refits: from subjectivity to objectivity

26 March 2019|Captains, CCS News, Refit|

Some time ago, a super yacht owner who, while taking his daily dip in the sea, had a nasty surprise. Swimming around his yacht he noticed the poor finish of the exterior, despite having just forked out for a pricey refit. A year later, and much to his frustration, the owner had to pay for a totally new paint job [...]

Spending a little to save a lot

5 April 2016|Captains, CCS News, Refit|

Superyacht Captains Forum Paul Bournas is speaking tomorrow on the Superyacht Captains Forum in Italy about the introduction of the Superyacht Tender Survey. There will be an article on the captain's role in a major paint refit appearing issue 78 of The Crew Report. Article Spending a little to save a lot CCS Coating Consultants for Superyachts is introducing a [...]

A perfect paint job

15 January 2016|Captains, CCS News, Refit|

A perfect paint job: Who can judge if a paint job can be accepted (or not) in an independent manner? Yes indeed: the CCS coating consultants! The Mediterranean refit season is nearly upon us and many yachts will be heading to the various refit shipyards once the summer season ends. It is widely known that repainting a yacht is one [...]

Acceptance criteria….Don’t repaint without them!

19 August 2014|Captains, Management Companies, Refit|

As a paint consultancy expert I am continually surprised by the number of both newbuild and refit projects CCS encounters for which no pre-agreed paintwork acceptance criteria have been stipulated before the work begins. In such cases conflict becomes almost inevitable. Article by Paul Bournas The absence of an acceptance criteria document leaves the door open to subjective disputes between [...]

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