All relevant information for Management Companies about paint are here! This can be among others articles about Acceptance criteria, Managing expectations, Final Surveys and Warranty Surveys for Refits and New Builds as well as maintaining the paint of a superyacht.

Yacht Owners Representative Program

9 November 2023|CCS News, Management Companies|

"What would you say to people taking part in the Yacht Owner's Representative Program?" Paul J. Bournas, Managing Director and Owner of CCS Yacht - Coating Consultants for Superyachts, tells us that it's important that participants understand what they want to get out of the YORP. Up until this point, the role of the owner's rep has been something of [...]

Challenging times

17 April 2020|CCS News, In the media, Management Companies, Yards|

These are tough times, also for the maritime sector. In our line of business we see that shipyards are complying with all safety precautions and are doing their utmost best to keep on track with their projects, despite logistical challenges  they are facing because of the COVID-19 virus. Should you have difficulties getting your surveyors on location; we have local surveyors in [...]

Don’t start at the finish

19 March 2020|Captains, CCS News, In the media, Management Companies, New Build, Paint Facts, Refit, Tutorials, Yacht stories|

Don’t start at the finish No matter how good your work is overall, the end result will never be better than the weakest link. Only by optimising each and every layer can you ensure that the final outcome will be an absolute long-term success. Any quality process begins with a clear promise and ends with consistent, proven delivery. A process [...]

Clean living: Top tips to retain that immaculate gloss

15 August 2019|Captains, CCS News, Management Companies, New Build, Refit, Yards|

Clean living: Top tips to retain that immaculate gloss While a pristine gloss paint job is the icing on the cake for a superyacht, being kept out in the open exposed to the elements and daily grime is not without its challenges. Modern-day polyurethane topcoats offer excellent UV resistance and resistance to seawater, rain and other liquids. They are less [...]

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