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Don’t start at the finish

19 March 2020|Captains, CCS News, In the media, Management Companies, New Build, Paint Facts, Refit, Tutorials, Yacht stories|

Don’t start at the finish No matter how good your work is overall, the end result will never be better than the weakest link. Only by optimising each and every layer can you ensure that the final outcome will be an absolute long-term success. Any quality process begins with a clear promise and ends with consistent, proven delivery. A process [...]

Tank Coatings: An Often Forgotten Subject 

24 December 2019|Captains, CCS News, In the media, New Build, Paint Facts, Refit|

Tank Coatings: An Often Forgotten Subject  Tank coatings A gleaming superyacht is an impressive thing, easily admired for its gorgeous exterior lines and sumptuous interior. But behind all the polish and beauty is a whole other, equally extraordinary, world of remarkable technical spaces, ranging from the engine room and generator spaces to storage areas and liquid tanks. As their name [...]

Making everything clear

16 April 2019|CCS News, Paint Facts|

The thrills and pitfalls of painting yachts A yacht is the quintessential luxury product. It has to look good, which means a flawless coat of paint – superb gloss, no orange-peel effect and a solid depth of colour. The paint also needs to be durable: a freshly painted yacht will usually have great gloss, but how long will [...]

Paint Fact | What is orange peel?

14 April 2017|Captains, CCS News, Paint Facts, Yards|

Orange peel Orange peel is a coating characteristic resulting in a surface appearance like the skin of an orange. You can see Orange peel on high gloss surfaces as a wavy pattern of light and dark areas. Depending on the slope of the structure element, the light is reflected in various directions. Only the elements reflecting the light in the [...]

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