All relevant information for Yards is here! This can be among others articles about Acceptance criteria, Managing expectations, Final Surveys and Warranty Surveys of a superyacht.

Paint Fact | What is orange peel?

14 April 2017|Captains, CCS News, Paint Facts, Yards|

Orange peel Orange peel is a coating characteristic resulting in a surface appearance like the skin of an orange. You can see Orange peel on high gloss surfaces as a wavy pattern of light and dark areas. Depending on the slope of the structure element, the light is reflected in various directions. Only the elements reflecting the light in the [...]

Paint facts | What is… colour?

10 January 2017|Captains, CCS News, Paint Facts, Yards|

When building or repainting a yacht, having the same colour on the entire yacht is important. But what is colour, why, when and how do we measure this during our inspections? WHAT is colour? Colour is a visual perception. It’s dependent on peoples colour sensitivity and environmental conditions such as light. We say that colour perception depends on three main factors: [...]

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