A busy 2019 is ahead of us, time to look back and forward!


During 2018 Coating Consultants for Superyachts (CCS) started nearly 100 new projects on superyachts ranging from 19.5-metres to 147-metres. These projects vary from managing intensive new builds, refits, or single warranty and insurance inspections. CCS expanded the company with three new Coating Consultants based in the yachting hotspots of France, Germany and Spain to help serve their clients.

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CCS Tender Survey launched

2018 also saw the launch of the CCS Tender Survey, which is an extensive survey to determine the state of a yacht before starting a refit. As part of the survey, CCS experts highlight every type of damage, such as corrosion spot, damage, crack and paint issues. The report provides the owner or captain with a complete overview of what has to be completed during the refit and ensures that subcontractors provide the correct quotations for the work that is required. The Tender Survey includes acceptance criteria, which need to be fulfilled by the subcontractor and shipyard. The CCS Tender Survey has already helped owners receive the perfect looking superyacht to the agreed criteria.

CCS Marketing
Photo: CCS


CCS is looking forward to a busy year and wishing their clients (management companies, captains/owners and yards a prosperous 2019!


For more information about the CCS Tender Survey, click here

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