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CCS noted a significant number of disappointing paint refits caused by the failing clarity in the specified scopes on refit works. To help owners, captains and yards to get clear scopes, CCS works with the CCS Superyacht Tender Survey.

CCS Tender Survey

Smoke and mirrors

One of the challenges owners and their representatives face when it comes to superyacht coating is the total lack of clarity as to what is and isn’t acceptable. To be brutally honest, the “Northern European superyacht coating standard” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The words have no legal authority and cannot be measured in any manner. In our opinion the ICOMIA guidelines should only be seen as an industry minimum and are unlikely to give you the quality standard you are looking for.

CCS superyacht tender survey

The CCS Superyacht Tender Survey is an excellent way to blow away the smoke and break the mirrors. Over the past 25 years we have written countless paint specifications and acceptance criteria. CCS has also been involved in the bid process for many refit and new build projects. Our new tender survey has three main objectives:

  • Create a level playing field for all parties quoting for the same work, based upon the same square-metre figure (calculated by a naval architect);
  • Provide like for like quotes for paint refit work;
  • Ensure an agreed quality level at the best price via transparent quotes.

How does the CCS Superyacht Tender Survey work?

  1. A CCS surveyor executes the initial survey. All our surveyors are Frosio/Nace certified in combination with RMCI, which is essential should any dispute arise.
  2. CCS writes a clear tender document stating the work to be carried out, the quality level to be achieved (based on the initial survey) and agreed with the owner. In this way expectations are managed from the outset.
  3. The CCS surveyor writes acceptance criteria and quality performance criteria. The latter details the quality level which can be expected after the second, third and subsequent years.
  4. CCS evaluates the tenders to see who is offering the agreed quality at the best price.
  5. The CCS surveyor holds a kick-off meeting so that all parties have the same objectives before the project starts.
  6. Intermediate surveys monitor whether all the appropriate steps are being taken.
  7. A Final Survey and acceptance checks that the agreed quality levels have been reached.
  8. A warranty survey after 11 months ensures that all coatings are performing as agreed in the contract (optional).

Value for your money

In addition to our unrivalled experience and expertise, the major advantage of using CCS as your coating consultant is that we have both a presence and projects in all the major refit ports. We can share costs over the various projects at the same time at the same yard resulting in substantial savings.

Partnering with a surveyor from CCS will cost you approximately 2 to 3% of the total paint refit budget. For that small sum you are assured of:

  • A top quality job for the best price.
  • Having all expectations managed.
  • Peace of mind for the captain/owner’s rep of having a specialist overseeing the work, which is one of the highest costs during a refit or new build.

Return on investment

We are certain that an investment in a CCS superyacht tender survey will easily pay for itself as well as giving a trouble-free refit. All this for the best agreed quality at the best price.

We would welcome the opportunity to explain more to you.

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