Don’t start at the finish

19 March 2020|Captains, CCS News, In the media, Management Companies, New Build, Paint Facts, Refit, Tutorials, Yacht stories|

Don’t start at the finish No matter how good your work is overall, the end result will never be better than the weakest link. Only by optimising each and every layer can you ensure that the final outcome will be an absolute long-term success. Any quality process begins with a clear promise and ends with consistent, proven delivery. A process [...]

A perfect paint job

15 January 2016|Captains, CCS News, Refit|

A perfect paint job: Who can judge if a paint job can be accepted (or not) in an independent manner? Yes indeed: the CCS coating consultants! The Mediterranean refit season is nearly upon us and many yachts will be heading to the various refit shipyards once the summer season ends. It is widely known that repainting a yacht is one [...]

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