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Clean living: Top tips to retain that immaculate gloss

15 August 2019|Captains, CCS News, Management Companies, New Build, Refit, Yards|

Clean living: Top tips to retain that immaculate gloss While a pristine gloss paint job is the icing on the cake for a superyacht, being kept out in the open exposed to the elements and daily grime is not without its challenges. Modern-day polyurethane topcoats offer excellent UV resistance and resistance to seawater, rain and other liquids. They are less [...]

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

24 May 2019|Captains, CCS News, Management Companies, New Build, Refit, Yards|

Cleanliness is next to Godliness A pristine superyacht in the marina, with shining paintwork, sparkling stainless steel elements, gleaming brightwork and flawless teak decks is not the result of luck. Paintwork in particular involves a complex process that is tough to get right and requires a perfectly well-ordered and clean environment. Of course, for something to be beautiful and clean, [...]

Making everything clear

16 April 2019|CCS News, Paint Facts|

The thrills and pitfalls of painting yachts A yacht is the quintessential luxury product. It has to look good, which means a flawless coat of paint – superb gloss, no orange-peel effect and a solid depth of colour. The paint also needs to be durable: a freshly painted yacht will usually have great gloss, but how long will [...]

Refits: from subjectivity to objectivity

26 March 2019|Captains, CCS News, Refit|

Some time ago, a super yacht owner who, while taking his daily dip in the sea, had a nasty surprise. Swimming around his yacht he noticed the poor finish of the exterior, despite having just forked out for a pricey refit. A year later, and much to his frustration, the owner had to pay for a totally new paint job [...]

A busy 2019 anticipated for CCS

8 January 2019|CCS News|

A busy 2019 is ahead of us, time to look back and forward! 2018 During 2018 Coating Consultants for Superyachts (CCS) started nearly 100 new projects on superyachts ranging from 19.5-metres to 147-metres. These projects vary from managing intensive new builds, refits, or single warranty and insurance inspections. CCS expanded the company with three new Coating Consultants based in the yachting hotspots of France, [...]

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