The added value of a paint surveyor. 

As we all know, yacht painting is a tricky business. The complexity alone makes it more than worthwhile to employ specialists to check the quality of the work.
good visual inspection

There are few things more disappointing in the superyacht industry than when work carried out is not to the owner’s satisfaction. With something as visible as the paintjob, this issue is all the more critical. Bringing in a surveyor can make life so much easier for all parties involved. Surveyors can provide contract evaluation of new builds or an initial survey of refits, as well as evaluate quotations and define parameters.

Quality first

There are different approaches among surveyors. At CCS, we believe it is best to discuss the required quality first and the price second. The following phase is a kick-off meeting to get all parties on the same page, followed by intermediate inspections and a final survey.

We also advise carrying out a survey after 11 or 23 months (depending on the warranty period) to see if the system applied is still meeting the agreed performance criteria. This ensures that clients get value for money while making the whole process as transparent as possible.

Present in all major refit locations

CCS has over 800 projects under its belt spanning more than two decades as QA/QC department for top superyacht yards around the world. Thanks to our size, we are represented in all major superyacht construction and refit locations. This allows for economies of time and scale that provide substantial savings. Therefore, hiring a paint surveyor is worth the money.

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