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Statistics CCS


CCS’ Coating consultants

Our consultants are the most important value of our company. We invest deeply in them to have the most up-to-date training and certifications.
We have 9 coating consultants, having their Frosio/ RMCI/ NACE and even 3 of them have achieved the IIMS Tech diploma’s. Our consultants are where the yachts are: USA, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Dubai, Qatar and ofcourse The Netherlands.

Reports increased with 17%

In 2016, our consultants wrote 775 reports (Inspection reports, Warranty Survey’s, Final Survey’s, Tank inspection reports etc). The number of reports, and thus the amount of  inspections increased with 17%.  We check all our reports on technical content and language before it will be sent to our clients.

Average yacht length

The inspected yacht length runs from 25 meters up to 180 meters. CCS is able to handle sizes from small to extremely large. The average length is 60 meters.

Projects completed

The expertise of CCS is going back to 1992, when the company was founded. Over the years the company grew in coating inspectors, expertise and knowledge. CCS completed more than a 1000+ projects, from Refits to New Builds and from regular inspections to insurance surveys.

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