Today we’re talking to Jan Koudstaal. One of our most experienced paint consultants here at CCS yacht.

His job includes overseeing consultancy jobs, staying in touch with owners and captains about the process and technically supporting the surveyors.

Jan Koudstaal

Where does your love for the sea comes from?
Born in Rotterdam as a son of a shipyard (RDM) manager, I grew up in the harbour. As a kid my dad took me to watch the ships being build and that’s where the love started. I was a sea scout and really wanted to go to nautical school.

What is your favorite port and yacht?
My favorite port? That’s a difficult question. The first that comes to mind is Barcelona, but I think I’ll go with Palm Beach, Miami, USA. I love working there. In my polo and shorts, enjoying the sun, in this very relaxed place where no one is in a hurry. Yacht wise, I have many favorites, but I’ll name the most special one, the Palladium. It’s even my screen saver.

What is the best part of your job?
It’s the combination of it all. The traveling, experiencing the life on a yacht, training and education young people. What’s not to love.

What have been the most important developments in the industry lately?
The environment issue. Paint and materials are changing rapidly and the esthetics come second in importance. The challenge now is to find a balance in our innovation, between environmental interest and the cosmetic acceptance criteria of a yacht. This forces us to be more creative.