At CCS we’re always looking for inspiring ways to share our work and give people a unique insight in the world of superyachts. This interview is a perfect way to do so. Today we talk to Marcel Evenhuis, a coating consultant at CCS. Want to tell your yacht story? Get in touch! 

Marcel Evenhuis

Where does your love for yachts come from?

My love for yachts and the sea started at a very early age. My father was a sailor so I guess it’s in my genes. When I am at sea I’m home.

What is your favorite yacht?

I’m a big fan of sailing yachts. I like the Wally yachts but my favorite would be the 36ft Tintel. A pilot house design by Dutch designer Andre Hoek.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is when the owners expectations are met or exceeded and when the yard and applicator look back at a successful project. It is all about getting the best out of everyone and when all parties appreciate the added value of having a CCS consultant involved.

What have been the most important developments in the industry lately?

For me, the most important development in the Superyacht Industry is that the industry is more aware of the importance of being socially accepted. We see more and more efforts in getting the industry more green and paint wise we are facing challenging times. There is a lot of pressure to use less solvents and still getting the ultimate finish. Looking at recent projects with new application techniques I am sure we will succeed.