Measuring and understanding the substrate before primer and fairing application is essential for an optimum performance of the filler/topcoat system.

CCS has therefore joined forces with Argument-Geomatica, a company who are capable of producing accurate 3D renderings of a yacht’s surfaces before the paint work starts.

The undulations in a ship’s substrate directly dictate the amount of fairing that is needed to make the surfaces ‘superyacht smooth’.

Moreover, sharp fluctuations in surface fairness might necessitate large variations in filler thickness in a relatively small area. This can lead to tension and subsequent paint issues and increase the risk of defects like cracking. By accurately measuring the substrate these potential risks can be pre-empted and mitigated.

In addition, total filler usage can be more accurately controlled resulting in obvious financial benefits (reduced product costs and labour) and overall reduced weight addition.

With the cooperation between CCS and Argument-Geomatica the superyacht industry can benefit from the vast expertise that Argument-Geomatica has in the field of construction surveying combined with the industry-leading skills that CCS possesses in the field of yacht coating systems.



Examples of how a visual representation can be made of a yacht’s hull.