With METS in Amsterdam now behind us, the superyacht coating industry can look back at some of the significant progress that has been made regarding the development of an international superyacht paint quality standard and the education of future superyacht paint specialists.

With all the decision makers briefly in one place, METS 2012 saw several meetings held by project groups, who are jointly working towards a common superyacht paint standard. CCS was represented by Joop Ellenbroek, who is a member of a joint ICOMIA/ ISO working group. This working group is tasked with describing and standardising the processes and procedures that take place during superyacht coating application.  Good progress was made and during the next meeting, scheduled to be held during Boot Dusseldorf in January 2013, this group expects to finalise the draft ISO standard.

During another get-together, which was initiated by SYBASS (Superyacht Builders Association) and also took place during METS, the development of a superyacht paint surveying course was discussed. This has been commissioned by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) and The Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) with Peter Morgan, a Past President of IIMS, as the Committee convenor. CCS has been commissioned to write a syllabus and tutor manual about yacht coatings, including the inspection procedures and methods that should be adhered to when surveying paint work on a superyacht.

Joop Ellenbroek and Peter Morgan  shed light on the progress made in terms of certification procedures and course materials that are currently in the process of being drafted. These materials, authored by CCS, will ultimately form the backbone of a dedicated course for yacht coating surveyors offered by IIMS. Candidates who successfully undertake the examination will be awarded RMCI (Registered Marine Coating Inspector) status– a Trademark protected title.

The course will allow dedicated superyacht paint surveyors to learn about the specifics of superyacht paint inspections, which are an entirely different entity to ‘regular’ marine inspections. The plan is for the first course to be organised in the first quarter of 2013.

Upon completion, this syllabus will also be an important document for shipyards and contractors, as it stipulates all the aspects and processes that constitute a successful yacht paint application procedure. Obviously it incorporates the current ISO/ICOMIA and SYBASS industry developments.

If you require any information about superyacht paint standards or the RMCI superyacht paint surveyor course offered by IIMS, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Joop Ellenbroek.